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Decolonization: Everyone is Saying it, But Are You Doing it? May 05, 2020

The word “decolonization” has been thrown around A LOT lately, but it’s an unfamiliar or maybe even confusing topic for many creatives who may not already know a whole lot about it.

 My own journey into the self-work around...

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A 6-Step Process to Unlocking Your Highest Purpose Mar 10, 2020

Business is the vehicle through which we get to be our fullest selves all the time. 

We spend so much of our time in our careers! 

When you align your career with what you want for yourself and your life, you’ll get to spend ...

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The LOVEstream — Fall in Love with Your Business All Over Again Feb 16, 2020

If there’s one question I am asked by my clients consistently, it’s about how to create a business they love. New business owners especially find they start to resent their business — sometimes even before it’s...

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