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A 6-Step Process to Unlocking Your Highest Purpose

A 6-Step Process to Unlocking Your Highest Purpose

creative entrepreneur life Mar 10, 2020

Business is the vehicle through which we get to be our fullest selves all the time. 

We spend so much of our time in our careers! 

When you align your career with what you want for yourself and your life, you’ll get to spend more time being exactly who you want to be in the world. ? And making a difference in a way that serves your soul. 

I recently sat down with Ash Neumeister of the Vibrational Medicine podcast to talk about this exact topic: what it means to live your purpose, and how that’s linked to your personal wellbeing.

Watch the full interview right here ??????


Finding My Highest Purpose

Much like your daily yoga practice, breathwork, or dance, living in your highest purpose is beneficial to your health. ?

During my own journey, I started out as a school teacher because I couldn’t really find any career path that felt like what I wanted to do.

My family is from South Asia, so there was a lot of pressure to choose a “successful” career path. For my family, this pretty much meant being a doctor or a lawyer.

That was it. Those were my two options.

Growing up, I knew that path didn’t inspire me very much. I really struggled in school and was actually almost a high school dropout! 

I fell through the cracks of a broken educational ? system and was completely unengaged and underserved in my inner-city public high school

I found out much later that what I needed was art and creativity. ?  But none of my teachers recognized the artist in me trying to be expressed. 

For me, creativity wasn’t an area that was emphasized at home or in school. I eventually found it on my own by stumbling upon an art history class in my community college.

This was the first time I ever felt like I found something that made me come alive. 

It was the first time I felt how much I loved having a purpose. 

My academics completely turned around and I eventually went on to become an art teacher in those same inner-city schools I once attended. While I loved making a difference in the lives of my students, burnout inevitably started to creep in. 

I was piecing together part time jobs. I spent a lot of time driving around Los Angeles between gigs, and I felt my schedule crippling my creativity and freedom — two things I desperately craved.

Eventually, I was back in this place of still searching; knowing that I could come into greater alignment. I was trying to figure out what I was meant to do and what next step was that would lead me there.

A Leap (or Two) of Faith

I believe in going where your inspiration takes you

I knew I wanted to paint murals, so I decided to start a nonprofit dedicated to painting murals with communities of children. 

This, in spite of the fact that I didn’t know the first thing about painting murals. 

Through determination and creative prowess, I did find a way to make this happen. 

Although it WAS rewarding, I was still struggling financially. ? The financial stress made it hard to feel like my art and my contributions were recognized or valued because I was again at a point where I couldn’t take care of myself financially.

With the nonprofit still not paying my bills, I decided to embark on my first business endeavor. 

With that, Radiant Wildheart was born. 

That’s when things really took off for me.

I found my highest purpose.

For me, that is teaching business as an art form. I show my students how business can be viewed through a very creative lens for femme-identifying spiritual creatives. 

It took me a lot of trial and error to finally figure out my message and calling. In fact, it’s still evolving and becoming more clear every day. 

No matter how it evolves, this path lights up every part of me.

How You Can Begin Creating a More Fulfilling Experience Today

When it comes to living your purpose, everyone’s path is going to look a bit different. Jumping in without a backup plan isn’t for everyone, but one thing that is for everyone is knowing that living in your purpose is a lifelong path.

It’s not about rushing to the end destination. It’s really about enjoying every single moment along the way.

Because of that, it’s important to remember that your whole process is sacred.

Especially those difficult parts. 

So what can you do immediately?

1) Set the Intention

Instead of telling yourself you feel stuck, flip the script. 

Start treating yourself as you would a client or any other project you decide to take on. 

When you’re telling yourself you’re stuck or you don’t want to be doing what you’re doing, all those inner-critic messages start to seep into your work and start manifesting themselves into your results. 

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Instead, decide today to spend time discovering what’s important to you. 

Make the time to show up for YOU and set the intention to create space for what you’ve been put on this planet to do.

It’s not just a one and done solution. This is your sacred practice.

2) Lean into Curiosity without Being Hard on Yourself

The more you follow the sparkly breadcrumbs the universe so lovingly drops in front of you, the more you’ll start noticing where you feel alive in your body and what gets you excited and turned on. 

It’s mission-critical that you start getting curious about those feelings and really lean into them. They’re giving you important information. 

This is your self-discovery process.

Even if you don’t know quite what your purpose is yet, focus on discovering your joy rather than being hard on yourself. It’s OK that you don’t have it all figured out yet. Few of us do. 

For example, if there’s a specific modality that really interests you like somatic healing or painting, spend more of your time doing that thing. Read a book about it or pick someone’s brain who’s done that work already. 

3) Begin to Merge Your Worlds that Feel Separate

I’ve worked with many clients who have juggled two different careers when starting their business. This can feel so disconnected — like you’re never fully doing either one.

I want to encourage you to start to integrate both of your worlds.

There are people out there, maybe people that you would never expect, who are looking for your exact medicine.

When you start to intertwine the many facets of your life, you’re able to start showing up as your true self, which is the most freeing and liberating feeling. 

4) Ask Questions & Manifest What You Want to Attract

As you start living in your purpose and merging your worlds, think about what you want to attract. For a breath worker still working a corporate job, what would it look like if you wanted to teach a breathwork session at your job?

Start to get creative with what you think is possible and begin to call it into your life. The more you stand in your purpose, you’ll start to actually embody it more and more.

5) Find Your Community

No matter where you are in your journey, support is important! When you’re first starting out, find your Gaias. This can be a community of like-minded individuals or even hiring the right people.

There are going to be highs and lows in your journey and it can be easy to get stuck in those valleys if you don’t have people surrounding you who reflect back how amazing you are.

6) Develop Your Flow

When I first started out as a business coach, I thought I had to teach only strategy

I thought people just wanted to learn how to make money. So because of that, I stopped focusing on the creative side of my work. I very quickly felt burnt out. 

My purpose did not feel liberating. I wasn’t inspired, and I began to question if I was even in the right place.

I learned I had to find my alignment and really look at the things I was leaving out. A big thing for me was art.

Now, I run my business in flow with my energy. I have a beautiful, long, morning practice ? and I focus my energy on my mindset. 

Most importantly, I lead with what I love. I lead with my creativity and look at business through that lens. 

This allows me to show up in a whole different way. A way that brings me to life. 

✨ Your Queen Visionary is calling you to find your highest purpose. ✨

Begin today by:

  1. Setting the intention
  2. Leaning into the curiosity 
  3. Merging your worlds
  4. Asking questions and manifesting 
  5. Finding your community
  6. Developing your flow


To dive even deeper, start your journey by discovering which sacred business archetype you embody most in this quick 45-second quiz.

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