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The LOVEstream — Fall in Love with Your Business All Over Again

The LOVEstream — Fall in Love with Your Business All Over Again

creative entrepreneur life Feb 16, 2020

If there’s one question I am asked by my clients consistently, it’s about how to create a business they love. New business owners especially find they start to resent their business — sometimes even before it’s profitable. 

On Valentine’s Day, I went live in the Wildheart Entrepreneurs Facebook Group to talk all about how you can create a business that you love, and one that loves you back.

Watch the livestream right here or read on for my top 7 tips for falling in love with your business.


Have You Checked In with Yourself Lately?

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year. Not only does it fall one week before my birthday, but it signifies an important opportunity for each of us to check in with ourselves and show ourselves a little l-o-v-e.

I truly believe that a self-love practice is essential to the success of your business. When you look at self-love as a radical, revolutionary part of your business, you’re able to unlock the limitless healing potential that comes with living in your purpose.

If you’ve been working on stepping into your purpose for a while, you’ve also probably noticed that it can bring up a wholeeeeee lotta stuff for you. Fear, limitations, self doubt — these all run rampant the closer you get to finding your calling.

I know when I first got started in my business, I was met with all of my fears around not being good enough, worrying about what others would think. I had a strong battle with impostor syndrome brewing. 

Beloved, I want you to know that all of this is completely normal! AND, you can love your way through it — through growing your business, through being seen, through sharing your message — even when that feels scary.

The Overflow Starts with You

I see this time of year as the perfect opportunity to show yourself love, especially when we’re out here sharing our message, taking up space, getting visible, being seen, and speaking our truth.

The work can be so emotionally demanding sometimes, so it’s absolutely essential to the health of you and your business that you really take the time to fill up your cup so that you can give from the overflow.

When you are in your most magnetic and fulfilled state, that’s when people are going to be the most attracted to your energy and the most magnetized to your work without you having to try so hard. 

Be Gentle and Let Go of the Rules

A big self-love ? healing process in my business has been learning that I don’t have to try so hard.

I don’t have to be perfect.

I don’t have to be like everyone else.

And guess what…

…neither do you.

You don’t have to fit yourself into a box. You can express yourself however you want. The more you turn up the dial on your quirks and uniqueness, the more memorable you’re going to be. 

An amazing thing happens when you let go of your expectations of yourself. You take a stronger stand, you’re bolder, you’re more powerful, and people are more attracted to your work. So your business will love you when you allow yourself to really show up as yourself.

There are so many layers to this because we are always uncovering new areas where we can come into better alignment with who we are and what we want. Personally, I’m always listening to intuition. I hear her whispering to me and I’ll just feel a knowing that there’s an area where I can come into better alignment with myself.

So I see your business as a self-love practice because in order for it to really work, you have to be taking such good care of your inner world, especially in the kind of businesses that we’re talking about – those that are healing-focused or that are really spiritual and soulful from your depths. It can be really vulnerable to share those aspects of yourself. And so I’m going to give you a few ways that your business can be an act of self love.

Your Joy is a Revolution

What lights ?  you up in this world? I want you to go ahead and invite yourself to go to the places that feel the most fun. 

If you’re wondering what you should do next in your business, ask yourself this question – what would be the most fun thing you could do?

What would be the easiest thing you could do?

And most importantly, know that there is no way you can possibly mess this up. There is no shame here. There are no mistakes. 

This process is meant to be liberating for your spirit. So, just know the number one thing required to create a business that loves you is that you remember your joy is a revolution.

Be the Role Model You Wish You Had

There’s a lack of representation across the board in every single area of the world. There is a lack of diversity and we need voices like yours. We need more representation. We need you to step up and be the role model that you needed when you were younger.

To me, this is one of the most motivating factors in my business. I am always motivated by being the role model for what a different way could look like for people who look and feel like me. 

Today, I can stand before you as an example of what it looks like to be a successful queer creative. This was not an option I saw presented before me as a little girl. I was always looking for someone like me — someone who’s creative, queer, and doing things a little differently. 

We all have the power ✨ to take back the media and create our own representations. We can create the images that others see. We are the role models.

Take Everything as an Opportunity to Get to Know Yourself

Anything that comes up,  any challenges, any areas of surprise, any mistakes — look at each of these things as an opportunity to get to know yourself. To get to know what’s coming up. To get to know any areas that might need healing.

When you look at everything as an opportunity for you to know yourself and for you to heal, you become more resilient.

This work is all about expressing yourself to the world. If you really know yourself, then nothing is going to take you off-kilter, and you’ll make the impact you want to make.

Lead Your Business with Pleasure 

I want you to believe that your business should be led with pleasure, led with joy, led with orgasms, led with fun.

Take the time to fill yourself up, to feel pleasure, and to give from the overflow.

When you are in your juiciest state, that’s when things are going to really begin to flow. You’ll show up more alive. You’ll also find that what you put in, you receive. 

So lead with pleasure, lead with your joy, lead with your laughter, lead with your inspiration. And again, let your business be an opportunity for you to love yourself that much more. In a world where people capitalize off our low self-esteem, your joy, pleasure, fierceness, and your power are revolutionary and will change the world.

Be Yourself

Too often we find ourselves trying to be someone other than ourselves. We often don’t even realize how heavy that weight and burden of trying so hard can be.

For example, you go into business coaching spaces where people are paying $20-30,000 to be in that room, and what they are learning in these trainings is just to be authentic, to be heart centered. ?

These are all the things you do naturally!

So instead of trying so hard to be someone else, go back to what feels right. You’ll be the most successful when you let yourself be yourself in all your imperfections, all your gifts, all your beauty, all your magic, all your quirks. 

Be yourself and let us fall in love with you and your story.

We need diverse stories from people like you.

I learned this exact lesson from coming out of the closet after 30 years to my dad. I was hiding from myself and thinking that if he knew the real me, he would reject me.

I never even gave him a chance or opportunity to accept me because I was never authentic about who I was.

When I finally stood in my powerl, I found that he did actually accept me for me.

Give yourself that same chance. Give us the opportunity to support and love you as you.

Stop Making it About You

This one is going to feel a little counterintuitive to everything I’ve just mentioned, but in order to create a business that loves you, remember it’s not all about you. Yes, it is about your personal healing, but that’s because your healing is part of the collective

A quick piece of advice I always like to give, when you get nervous, focus on the service.

When you make your business too much about “Do they like me? Will they love me? Do they accept me?” you stop making an impact because you’re too focused on you.

Instead, remember your business is about helping others. To make your life meaningful is to connect to something bigger than yourself and to take a ✊? stand. Within that, your personal healing becomes part of the collective.

The more you live each day in your purpose and fully express yourself, the bigger a role you play in what’s happening in the world.

So, your personal healing is part of the collective, it’s not about you.

When you get nervous, focus on the service and that’s going to allow you to love yourself so much more because we all want to feel like we are helping. Like we are fulfilled. Like we are making a difference. Don’t make it all about you, instead, connect to something bigger.

Let Yourself Play

Last but not least, let yourself play. 

This is all about unleashing your creative brilliance into the ? world. Give yourself time to be in your creative practice each day. Whether it’s singing, dancing, writing, or moving, give yourself time to express yourself and share.

Sharing is where the magic happens, so give yourself an opportunity to play and be in your process. Share your process, even when things feel incomplete or unfinished. It’s an amazing feeling to be in conversation with the world and to let people in on your process and play.

Connecting with others through play is another way of letting them in. You can create a business that loves you, where you don’t have to be anything but who you are and that is going to be what actually takes your whole life, your whole self expression, and your impact to the next level. 

This topic of radical revolutionary self-love is one of my favorite topics and I believe that it should be the foundation of all of our businesses. 

If you crave a business that you love and one that loves you back, remember these seven love spells.

  1. Your joy is a revolution.
  2. Be the role model you wish you had. 
  3. Take everything as an opportunity to get to know yourself. 
  4. Lead your business with pleasure. 
  5. Be yourself.
  6. Stop making it about you.
  7. Let yourself play.

If you’re just starting out on your soulful success journey, find out which sacred business archetype you embody most in this quick 45-second quiz.

My Love Challenge to You

Today, I challenge you to take the opportunity to check in on how you are loving yourself. 

Do your rituals, your practices, drink your tea, use your Yoni eggs, write in your journal — whatever it may be, take the time to get clear about your intentions for how you are creating a business that you love and that loves you back.

If you feel called, I’d love for you to join us on Facebook in the  Wildheart Entrepreneurs Facebook Group and let us know your biggest takeaway from this post!