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Radiant Wildheart

A guide to awaken your inner Artist and live your Creative Mission

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Wildheart Creativity Calendar

Infuse your life with creativity - even when you're busy AF - using this calendar which features 30 days of simple, fun, and enlivening activities to catalyze your creative awakening. These prompts can be completed quickly and will help you break through your creative blocks by having fun and falling in love with your unique self-expression.

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Activate your Creative Mission :
A Kick-off call with Shereen Sun

Hang out with Shereen Sun and connect with like-minded wildhearts during this 60-minute LIVE workshop all about activating your creative potential! You’ll definitely leave with a pep in your step and clarity on your next moves for your infinite creative purpose. This is an exclusive event for those who pre-order the book only so be sure to mark your calendars.
It’s happening on Thursday, March 30th at 11am pacific | 2pm eastern.

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Abundantly Creative Masterclass: Fall in Love with your Inner-Critics 

 Make friends with your inner critics so you can follow your creative mission with confidence. In this workshop, I introduce all of the inner critics and help you see how you can work with them. You will learn how to quiet the inner critic and embrace self-compassion. Everyone has inner critics and when you learn how to navigate them you’ll be able to get out of your own way and offer your creative gifts the way your spirit is calling you to. This workshop helps you separate yourself from the voices of your inner critics and learn how to fall in love with those parts of yourself.

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Join the Radiant Wildheart Community Hub

Your hub for creative, radiant and loving community to support your creative unfolding!

Thank you for supporting the Radiant Wildheart book.
Your support means everything to me and I’m forever grateful – book pre-orders really matter for setting new authors up for success.
As a BIPOC Queer voice who is standing for creative liberation and full self-expression for wildhearted rebels, it means a lot to have your support to get this message out to people who need it most. 

SO excited to see what you create with all of this magic ✨

-Shereen Sun