It’s time to take your amazing business idea and make it reality.



The 5-Day Spark Your Movement Challenge

with Shereen Sun, Sacred Business Coach and Healer

Over the 5 Days, we’ll cover:

➥ Day 1: Connecting to your vision and ideas
➥ Day 2: Dispelling negativity, harnessing your intentions, and bringing limiting beliefs into awareness
➥ Day 3: Getting yourself in motion and catalyzing your intentions with action!
➥ Day 4: Navigating emotions and the seeing the gifts they’re giving you
➥ Day 5: Bringing it all together; how to make your idea grounded and tangible.​​​​​​​


 What Others are Saying About Shereen

Natalie Camunas
Happy Actor Coach

"Working with Shereen this year has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Shereen has created a container that made me feel safe and able to take risks. I had an idea for what my business could be, but I had ZERO idea on where to start. 

The Muse Business Academy has allowed me to see what is possible when you open your heart and mind and free yourself to create your dream business. Shereen is an absolute gift to entrepreneurs. She is an intuitive and strong heart centered leader, exactly who I was searching for! Never in my life did I think I would start my own business, but here I am, starting today with my first paid client! Shereen stood for me before I even knew what offer I was dreaming of creating for my community. Joining the Muse Business Academy was one of the best decisions of my life.

Thank you Shereen for rising into your magic. You are a reminder that I too can leap into my power, hear my soul’s calling, and share my gifts with the world! 

 Charlotte Nguyen
Spiritual & Transformational Coach

"It is your birthright to be liberated in this lifetime, but it is a journey that no one person can do alone.  I couldn't have birthed a successful, sacred, love-fueled, faith-filled, purpose-rooted business in 1 YEAR were it not for the daily and consistent support, accountability and guidance of Shereen Sun.  

I am so grateful for the loving connections with sacred business that she embodies.  I cannot tell you how rare it is to meet a business coach who offers a perfect balance of strategy and intuition, the head and the heart, the tactical and the magical.  One minute she's drawing an angel card for me and helping me channel my business Muses, the next she's helping me build a 90-day business plan and giving me feedback on my sales pitch!  

After starting my coaching business and working with Shereen for a year and a half, I am so proud to share that I am on track to make 6 figures by the end of Year 2!”

The Spark Your Movement Challenge kicks off tomorrow!

If you’re ready to have the business of your dreams, JOIN US!