Dive In

A Wildhearted Woman is bold, fearless, and unapologetic in being all of herself. She a woman on a brave mission and is more than willing to take the unconventional path. To her, it’s the ONLY way.

She’s an honest stand for self-expression and is not afraid to be seen. She is a healer with a limitless potential to make an impact during her time on earth and is born to be of service.

She’s real, FUN, and treats herself with deep love and reverence knowing that her offerings can change the world.

Wildhearted women,
it’s time to STAND OUT,
unleash your FULL power,
CATAPULT your business forward,
Set your creativity free,
And IGNITE your movement

Hi, Amazing One! I’m Shereen Sun.
I mentor thought-leaders.

I dream of a world lit up by
powerful, wildhearted women
and their visionary businesses.


I see your courage.

You’re here to break the rules.
You think outside the box.

You’re a creative renegade
ready to change the world.

You’re fired up and committed to answer
the call from within. You’re a coach,
a teacher, a healer, a mentor with the guts
to make your dreams happen.

I feel your heart.
You’re fierce in your love.

You put your energy into meaningful
projects and do work that matters.

You feel the FIRE

and you’re committed to doing what it
takes to make YOUR unique mark on this planet.
You’re already on the path of personal
growth and spiritual awakening,
and now you’re teaching others.

You’re ready to take it
to the next level.

even when you’re wondering
if you can fulfill your dreams, have a
thriving business, and have time for YOU.

“Shereen is a spiritual badass who has
been on a mission to help us all embody
our power, grow our businesses, and
share our gifts. Her magic is potent, fun,
full of heart, and life-changing. ”


“Thank you to Shereen Sun for saying YES to your soul’s calling to lead us and all of
your future students. The ripple you are creating is obvious. And I am inspired
to follow mine! ”


“I transitioned into being in deep unison myself. I feel like a pendulum that is gracefully swinging and the perfection
lies in the movement and yet there
is stillness there to discover and
to expand into.”


“If you would have told me in 8 months that I would have had the courage to step up and identify myself as an expert in my field & a thought leader in my field… I may not have believed you! I could not have done that without this community. There’s no way. ”


“I am so grateful to Shereen for holding space for my desires and dreams. For creating systems and tools that allow dreams to translate into physical form.  It is a
truly sacred and magical process to
become the creator of your life.”