Radiant Wildheart:

A Guide to Awaken Your Inner Artist and Live Your Creative Mission


Dear Wildhearted Soul,


How would your life transform if you let your deepest, wildest, most creative inspiration lead the way?


Learn more about this magical book:

“Radiant Wildheart is an awakening beacon to your sovereign creative soul. I see Shereen and her book as a vital voice showing us how to live our whole lives creatively. Shereen expands the scope of what creativity is beyond the visual arts and into a new way of living.

I invite you to wake up and take your powerful place in these pages, and in the pages of your heart. Create and share the boldness you have always dreamed of. This book will activate you.”


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Infuse your life with creativity - even when you're busy AF - using this calendar which features 30 days of simple, fun and enlivening activities to catalyze your creative awakening.

BONUS 2: Activate your Creative Mission – Live Workshop with Shereen 

Hang out with Shereen and connect with like-minded wildhearts during this 60-minute LIVE workshop all about activating your creative potential! You’ll definitely leave with a spring in your step and clarity on your next moves for your infinite creative purpose. This is an exclusive event for those who pre-order the book. 


BONUS 3: Abundantly Creative Training Download

Make friends with your inner critic so you can follow your creative mission with confidence. Through a series of guided exercises, meditations, and reflective activities, you will learn how to quiet the inner critic and embrace self-compassion. You will also explore how to tap into your inner wisdom and intuition to unleash a flood of creative ideas and expressions.


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Calling all creative beings! This is your season. Run—don’t walk—into the splendor that is Radiant Wildheart. This magical tome has exactly what you need to rise up to meet the joy-filled, creative frequency that is calling you forward. Don’t allow your creative juice to wither on the vine. Step into your radiance and honor your wild heart. Well done!”

Abiola Abrams

award-winning author of African Goddess Initiation

and African Goddess Rising Oracle

You're here for a reason 

Wildheart, your artistic blossoming will bring you clarity, confidence and resilience in sharing your gifts, deep personal healing and the joyous freedom of living unapologetically true to yourself.

But awakening your Inner Artist and Living your Creative Mission also means more joy, empowerment and liberation in your community and in the world!

Are you ready to embrace unapologetic self-expression and experience the deep personal healing that can be found from walking the path of your Creative mission?

The time is ripe for the Sacred Rebels, the Radiant Wildhearts, Queer folx, the different, and the under-represented to share your unique magic and thrive. 

You’re here on the planet for a reason. When you live your truth, you give others permission to be true to themselves too. Together we’re building a more creative, loving and liberated world.

Radiant Wildheart intentionally uses gender-netural language and is welcoming of all genders along the spectrum. Non-binary and gender-nonconforming creatives are always welcome, there’s space for you here.

“When I met Shereen, I had just left my nonprofit job and wasn’t sure which way to go. I was afraid to charge money for my gifts and didn’t believe in myself as a teacher. Shereen showed me a beautiful example of what’s possible when you trust yourself and your voice. She saw my strengths when I couldn’t and helped me figure out a niche that I’m thriving in. Shereen showed me that business is wildly creative. I’ve never felt more empowered & aligned.“

- Tara Moraleda

Abundance Coach. Writer. Fire Dancer. Painter.

What does your creative breakthrough look like?

No matter where you are on your creative path, this book will make new realms of creativity accessible to you by guiding you to make peace with your inner “critic” and cultivate courage, confidence, and the resilience to be wildly yourself.

Maybe your dream is to share your truth with thousands or millions of people.
Maybe you want to simply start taking 5 minutes to draw every day.
Maybe you long to share your music for the first time or get the courage to start a creative practice.

Whether you’re making ripple effects through small acts of creative magic in your everyday life, or you’re taking your creative mission on the road in a big way… your creativity is a gift and an important part of a movement for collective freedom, revolution, and liberation. 

Ultimately, the medium doesn’t matter – it’s actually your life that is your creative masterpiece.


Don’t worry, there’s no way you’re doing this alone.

Who are the Radiant Wildhearts?

This book will be your anchor, will be your map, will be your sails… are you ready to voyage on the infinite sea of imagination, healing, divine purpose and expression?

And this book is just the beginning: 

Radiant Wildheart is also a community full of deep feelers, activists, healers, intuitives, artists, BIPOC, queer and trans* folx, and anyone who wants to speak up for the liberation of all beings.

Welcome, magical being. Thanks for leaning into your creative evolution.


“Shereen has guided me to see my own gifts and support my community from an abundant place by doing what I love. Before Radiant Wildheart, I had no idea of what I actually wanted for my life. But now, I feel my mission unfolding bigger and bigger every day. My program has supported hundreds of people to embody the world of plant medicine with purity, safety and beauty. Shereen’s container holds the perfect structure of sacredness and inspiration! ”


- Aluna Lua.

Spiritual Coach. Entheogenic Guide & Teacher. Dancer. Artist.

Everyone has the power to become a revolutionary artist.

You’re unique AF and you arrived on this planet with a sacred, Creative Mission—a reason for being that was whispered into your ear before you were born. But when negative forces seem to stifle you, how do you find the clarity, confidence, and resilience to share your gifts with the world?

With the encouragement and exercises inside of Radiant Wildheart, you will:

Discover your Creative Mission and meet your elemental archetype
Cultivate your inner artist to align with your values and goals
Utilize your natural gifts to live your truth
Channel your rebellious energy into a positive force for your community, your career, and the world
Meet your intuitive higher self and trust your inspirations
Create a new, wildly loving relationship with your inner critic (they act tough and mighty but they’re really just sweethearts)
Open up to the 6 different kinds of abundance
Connect and reclaim your wildness

Magical illustrations paired with straightforward advice will inspire you to express yourself in the world. When you awaken your inner artist and give them the space to flourish, your wildest, most authentic life can’t help but manifest.

Are you ready to give your inner artist space to play?


Wondering what you’ll find inside Radiant Wildheart?

Section 1: 
Uncover your Creative Mission 

and understand what that means for your life. You’ll meet your elemental archetype so that you can better harness your creativity.

Section 2:
Awaken your inner artist

and discover who you are and what it is that you stand for. You’ll recognize the vision you have for your life and root it deeply into your own personal ethos.

Section 3:
Liberate yourself.

This is where you’ll really begin to cultivate your creative practice. This is also where you’ll begin to get your creativity out of your heart and into the world.

Section 4:
Start living your Creative Mission

out loud. This is where you take all of the brilliance you’ve been nurturing and put it into service. This is also where you will develop your leadership skills and begin to use your creativity to lift up your community – so your sparkly, creative life can impact others and inspire them to be more liberated too.

Are you excited to awaken your inner artist!?



Hi, I’m Shereen

Even when it seems like the world has gone nuts, there is one thing that I know is true: at the core of my being, I am an artist. 

My life is my greatest masterpiece. But it wasn’t always that way… Growing up as a queer, first-generation Muslim-American in Las Vegas, I spent most of my life feeling lost, confused, depressed and alone.

When I discovered the arts, I began to connect the dots and make sense of my place in the world. I became an art educator, with a master’s in urban education and advanced specializations in the visual arts, taught art to the most marginalized youth in inner-city schools, and started a non-profit that allowed me to paint murals with communities all around the world.

Driven by a passion for finding my own authentic artistic expression, I started Radiant Wildheart in 2016 and it’s grown into an incredible community of thousands of people, with more joining every day.

I’m passionate about helping visionary souls access their conscious creativity that sets them free and recognize the positive impact they have on the world when they live with confidence and authenticity.

When you get this book in your hands I hope you’ll picture me doing cartwheels, body rolls and dancing with joy because this is how I feel whenever I see a radiant wildheart reclaim their liberated expression.

No matter how many IG followers I have or how many books I sell, I will always remember what it feels like to be an outsider looking for a place where they belong.

Bring your insecurities and self-doubt because we are about to embark on a deep healing journey to find the real you underneath any fears you might have. We are going to radically shift your mindset and beliefs so that you can become an unstoppable force for magic in the world.


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