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This is a podcast for the sacred rebels of the world who seek liberation, healing, and abundance by being the most creative versions of themselves possible.

Welcome to Wildheart Radio, a place where you can unleash your creativity and apply it to every area of your life. This is a podcast for the sacred rebels of the world who seek liberation, healing, and abundance by being the most creative versions of themselves possible. Join your host, Shereen Sun, and discover how you can live your creative mission, embrace your inner artist, or spark your movement by building a dynamic platform that aligns with your values. 

Wildheart Radio brings together inspiring stories and conversations with artists, healers, creatives, and thought-leaders who have aligned their lives with their Creative Mission. Whether it's creativity, community building, brand strategy, or personal healing and self-improvement, I hope these conversations inspire you to unleash your unique expression start aligning your life with your true passions and desires.

A podcast for
Radiant Wildhearts
who want to learn:

  • How to live a fulfilling life that is an expression of your truth and makes an impact (and an income, if that’s what you want).
  • What it means to see yourself as an artist and your life as a work of art that reflects your passions and gifts – not just a tool for capitalism.
  • How to build a dynamic platform and community around your creative mission so that you authentically connect with and inspire your audience.
  • What it will take to align your professional and personal life to your Creative Mission 

Now more than ever, you need to remember who you are, find our unique purpose and share your artistic voice. The universe is calling you to step up and redefine humanity’s role on a changing planet. We are each born with a blessed Creative Mission. We flourish when we live in alignment with that mission, and struggle when we live in opposition to it. What’s yours?

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Wildheart Radio:
Discover Your Creative Mission

Creativity connects us with our passions. It helps draw out our hidden talents and capacities. But how do I harness my creativity, you ask? This episode will awaken your inner artist and spark your creative passion.



Using Creativity To Heal

There is so much going on in the world to be sad about. It's been wild times, particularly the last few years. How is your heart doing these days? Let’s talk about how we can use creativity to heal.

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We all feel pressure. Growing up, we feel pressure to perform what’s expected of us and fit inside colonized boxes. The worst part is the shame that comes when we don’t fit into those boxes. So how do you release and liberate yourself from all that shame that’s not even yours? Today, Shereen Sun shares how you can liberate yourself through creativity. Tune in and start to unpack everything that’s been put on you from society’s conditioning, so you can decide how YOU want to live and feel.

About Shereen Sun


Even when it seems like the world has gone nuts, there is one thing that I know is true: 

I am an artist. And so are you. Every day you make creative choices about how you want to live your life, express yourself, and spend your time. Our lives are our greatest masterpiece and embracing your creativity liberates you to live authentically. Growing up as a queer, first generation Muslim-American South Asian artist, my Creative Mission is to empower creatives, millennials, people of color, LGBTQ, BIPOC, and others who have not traditionally had a place at the table to express their creativity, be themselves, and live lives that bring positive change & more inclusivity into the world. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 15 years working as an arts educator, creativity coach & brand strategist, it’s that traditional models of success have conditioned us to rely on one-size-fits-all formulas and scripts that stifle your creativity and keep us stuck living unfulfilling lives. It's time to break free from these constraints. You don't have to follow the traditional path just because it worked for someone else. You get to create your own way, one that lights you up with inspiration

On this podcast I’m bringing all the expertise I’ve gathered as an arts education specialist, an artist, a yogi, a brand strategist, an expert facilitator, a community builder, and former school-teacher to help you enhance your intuition, heal your creative spirit, and move through the world radiating your unique creative frequency. Join us as we explore how to unleash your unique expression and align your life with your Creative Mission. 

It’s time to spark your creative revolution.


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