Are you ready to live your true purpose?

Crystal Clarity, Exponential Impact, and a defined Creative Mission – just 6 weeks away!



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  • You are a creature of passion – brave, talented, and unapologetic. 
  • You’re ready to eliminate your limitations.
  • You want to embark on your creative adventure now – fully expressed and walking in your truth- and you’re craving to make the income that you deserve while you’re at it.

So, what’s stopping you from getting there?

Whether it’s a fear of tapping into your own brilliance, not knowing where to begin, fear of failure or maybe even fear of success…

You have passion and a purpose.

Most importantly, you have a gift.

Your creative mission deserves to be expressed and embodied in this lifetime.

You just haven’t found the right guide to do it.

And it can be a little scary and daunting on your own, right?

If your creative spirit is itching to be unleashed, and you know in your heart that you’re absolutely done playing small…

I want to help.

A blessed quest awaits you.

The Divine Purpose Path

A 6-week Creative Accelerator to eliminate the purpose-paralysis, manifest income by doing what you love, and embody the divinity & truth that you’re destined for.

Imagine a new you.

Unapologetically expressed.


Living your truth.

And crystal clear about what you’re here to do.

Pay what you can!


Not sure if this is the right fit? Email us with your questions

You’re inches away from finding the thing that will make you truly come alive, create the fulfilling & passionate life that you know you deserve, and make massive waves of change – a ripple effect that will move the whole world.

So, Radiant Adventure Seeker.
What will you get by following your Divine Purpose Path?

  • An unbreakable foundation: Build your Creative Mission from the ground up – No more feeling stuck, lost, or frustrated by your lack of progress or not being where you want to be. It’s you being unapologetically confident, embodied, and clear about why you are here on this planet.
  • No more sitting on the sidelines: We’re talking about real impact, real change. Step into your most powerful presence, your embodied essence, and start making a difference. Waiting around is a luxury you don’t have – None of us do. The world needs you NOW.
  • Build a platform or creative mission doing what you love: So your life’s work feels like an outpour of passion and self-expression, not something you dread when you wake up every morning. 
  • Heal your creative wounds: Confront the things that are holding you back by facing your fears and receiving genuine & strategic support so you can find the magic of abundance in all of its forms.

Following your Divine Purpose Path will help you embody creative resilience. You’ll heal your mindset so that your inner sense of abundance can bloom. You’ll find your inner-artist and be unafraid to tap into the depths of your being.

And, you’ll move forward by allowing yourself to be guided by the elements and your Intuitive Higher Self .


Shereen has returned my investment TENFOLD and showed me that spirituality and entrepreneurship can coexist in an infinitely abundant universe. And so it is!


June "Jumakae" Kaewsith |DPP Graduate
Storytelling and Embodiment Coach, California

But why do I qualify to guide you down this path?

My name is    and I know exactly what you’re going through.

Before becoming a creativity mentor and business coach, I wasn’t ready to embark on my own divine path. I knew that I wanted to make a difference, that I wanted to live a joyous life and get paid well for doing what I loved, and that there was a beautiful creative mission waiting for me somewhere.

… The problem was, I felt confused about my message and what I was here to do. I wasn’t confident and was afraid to express myself creatively and be seen in my truth.

It’s only after tapping into my gifts, trusting my voice, and looking inwards that I actually got where I wanted to be.

Now, I lead a world changing Creative Mission doing work that feels aligned and makes me feel alive. 

I want you to know that as a Wildheart, you’re uniquely suited to be a highly impactful & prolific creative leader.

In the Divine Purpose Path, you’ll find the clarity that’s missing in your life and the confidence to step fully into your creative mission, so you can involve yourself actively in the pursuit of purpose, and allow abundance, creativity, and sacred support to coexist in your world!

Welcome to the world of the Mystic– the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.


Enter the Ether

Connect to Your Inner Mystic & be Divinely Guided by your Intuition ✨

Let's move on to Air, or what I would like to call th realm of the Visionary.


Clear the Air

Embody Your Vision to Create The World

As You Wish To See It 

It’s time for you to shine, rock star.


Stoke the Fire

Reclaim Your Passion and Become A Sacred Rebel on a Creative Mission

Now, let's flow with the healing wisdom of water.  


Embody The Wisdom of Water

Heal Past Pains and Rise Into Radiant Resilience by embodying the Healer archetype

It’s time to bring it all down to the Earthly realm


Express Earthly Expansion

Connect with Your Inner Guardian to ground your Creations in your Ethos & natural leadership abilities. 

The inner landscape of your Creative Mission is in full bloom...


Alchemical Integration

Your Unique Creative Mission Made Manifest



And because I’m committed to guiding you to your fullest self-expression, you’ll have access to all these bonuses along the way!

🌟 Fall In Love With Your Inner-Critics

A Playshop to help you reimagine your relationship to your negative self-talk so you can express yourself freely and without fear (Valued at $333)

🌟 The 13 Creative Mission Activations

13 Audio Activations/Guided Journeys Into the Heart and Soul of Your Creative Mission (Valued at $97)

🌟 Client Attractions Masterclass

A Juicy Training On How To Attract Your First 5 Clients in your Sacred Business if you're an Entrepreneur (Valued at $497)

🌟 The Radiant Wild Community Hub

Access to the Radiant Wild Community Hub Group so you can network and build community with other Wildhearts (Truly priceless!)

Do you want to nurture the magic inside you, increase your impact with intention, and live in your truth while walking YOUR most fulfilling path?


This is a journey of abundance, Radiant One.

Get ready to receive:

  • The elemental journey of manifesting a life purpose and finally answering your inner calling
  • Healing rituals designed to support your growth every step of the way
  • Creative tools to build powerful messaging that stands out from the crowd and attracts lifelong fans to your work
  • Resources and bonuses that will transform your relationship with wealth and keep you aligned with your purpose
  • A Abundance Mindset 180 in a quarter of the usual business accelerator price!

Zero Risk & No Student Left Behind Guarantee

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery is intimidating, to say the least.

And while you may be doubtful of what the Divine Purpose Path can do for you, I don’t want that to get in the way of you making life-changing discoveries for you and your creative mission!

That’s why I created the Zero Risk, 10-Day No Student Left Behind guarantee.

If you participate throughout the first 2 modules and still feel uninspired, disconnected from your core purpose, or simply like you’re not getting your money’s worth – I’ll give you a full refund within 10 days! All you need to show me is that you put in the time, energy, and spirit into the work from your end, and we’ll hold up our end of the deal (no hard feelings!)

Discovery is a process. And I trust that as long as you put in the time, you will find the missing pieces you’re seeking.

So much so that I’m willing to take all the risk for this one!

Your creative mission awaits! Are you ready to claim it?


“Working with Shereen has been absolutely life-changing. I’ve worked with her for over 3 YEARS now and as soon as she entered my life, she became a powerful symbol of what is possible for me. To see another woman own her purpose and unapologetically share her unique gifts with the world has empowered me to do the same.

I have been able to get very clear on my offerings, build a larger audience, start working with long-term clients, and make more money than I ever have before with my healing services. Shereen is a well of knowledge and a brilliant business mind.

If you are thinking about working with her, do your future self a favor and say yes!”

Shadae Bowen, Abundance Coach


Shadae Bowen
Abundance Coach

Seeking answers? You’re in the right place!


I continue to thank myself for this life-changing choice.

“Shereen’s ability to not just encourage me to step more into my potential, but provide systems to encourage greater momentum is inspiring. Joining Shereen has been a full yes since the moment I heard of it and I continue to thank myself for this life-changing choice.

My business of three years has been stuck between its next phase of growth and development. I couldn’t have found a more fitting teacher to nurture my growth!”


Saera | DPP Graduate
Clairvoyant & Channeler, Canada

Are you ready to accept your blessed quest, discover your purpose, and find the balance creative self-actualization and your impact in the world?



For a limited time... PAY WHAT YOU CAN


6 Weeks of Training to Uncover and Live your Divine Purpose

6 In-Depth Video Modules Delivered Weekly

6 Group Coaching Call Recordings

Worksheets, Assignments, Rituals, and HomePlay



Fall In Love With Your Inner Critics Playshop

Wildheart Creative Mission Activation Audio Album

Client Attraction Masterclass

Radiant Wild Community Hub Access  for Creative Community support 


Zero Risk & No Student Left Behind Guaratee

Invest in discovering your purpose from a place of zero risk and infinite rewards with my 10-day No Student Left Behind Guarantee

I know what it feels like to question whether this work really matters — and holding back because deep down you’re unsure that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

That’s why I created the No Student Left Behind guarantee. To inspire you to take action and be fearless in the pursuit of finding what makes you come alive without hesitation.

I’m so confident that if you commit to working through the purpose discovery process, you will unearth your deeper reason for being on this planet.

If you participate throughout the first 2 modules and still feel uninspired, disconnected from your core purpose, or simply like you’re not getting your money’s worth – I’ll give you a full refund within 10 days! All you need to show me is that you put in the time, energy, and spirit into the work from your end, and we’ll hold up our end of the deal (no hard feelings!).

You are here for a reason

You are wonderful.

Infinite Love,

Shereen Sun

Art Educator, Author, Artist, & Creative Guide